• Desert touring - Ralph Johnson's Rig
  • Ralph's under tray mount
    Under tray mount is a very convenient way to permanently mount the compressor. Secure, clean and convenient to use with the lid acting as a table for all those things you need.
  • Ralph's under tray mount
    Secure from theft and corrugations; it's really important to bolt the compressor down and secure cables and hoses so they can't chaff or break.
  • John Coombes and his Land Cruiser 200 series
  • John's Outback touring rig.
    8 tyres to constantly deflate and reinflate. You need some inflation speed to keep your sanity on long outback trips!
  • John Coombes Drawer mount
    Compressor rotated 90 degrees to lower air filter to accommodate shallow comercial drawer sides
  • John Roestenburg's rig.
    John's office and on-site accommodation when he's on the mine site. Away from work it's a luxurious off-road, go anywhere motor home come outback touring machine.
  • Serious Air receiver model.
    Nice and compact fits into this position beautifully. Well planned installation. Perfect positioning of the air filter for maintenance and the exposure to good air flow keeping things cool.