Customer Uses

  • Tyre Inflation and Rattle Gun usage for - Four Wheel Drive vehicles, trucks, buses, mobile homes, amphibious vehicles and Earth Moving Equipment are the main uses.
      Other uses include –
  • Installation in service vehicles for maintenance of road construction plant and equipment.

  • Installed into farm vehicles for general work around the property, machinery maintenance and blowing dust out of tractor cabs and mechanical parts, inflating tyres and working with a rattle gun.

  • Installed to operate Air Brake systems on Semi Trailers so that tractors can tow trailers around a property during harvest if the Prime Mover is away delivering grain to the Silo with a second trailer, or on other duties.

  • Installed as back-up for air-brakes on trucks and other equipment.

  • Installed into towing vehicles having Hydraulic Assisted brake systems and Turn-tables for 5th Wheeler caravans that have Air Assisted Brakes installed.

  • Installed into Banana plantation machinery where compressed air is required to inflate and blow chemicals into the bags that surround and protect the developing hands of Bananas, replacing the old petrol driven compressors.

  • Installed into a Bulldozer to blow air down across a windscreen through perforated pipes to remove dust efficiently and quickly in dusty environments, without the use of water that just makes “mud pies” and scratches the screen. The operator just presses a button to direct a strong blast of cleaning air across the screen!

  • Used as a vacuum source to suck old cooking oil out of Industrial Deep fryers into a holding tank before replenishing them with new oil. Our 12 volt compressor pulls 28 inches Hg or -94Kpa of vacuum.