About Us

Allow me introduce ourselves.
My name is Wayne and my wife’s name is Glenda.  
We own a small family business operating in Western Australia since 1996.  
We do Engineering Patternmaking and machining.

In our private time we love outdoor activities; outback touring, camping, fishing and Four Wheel Driving and this is the reason that we got into making our “Serious Air” compressor.

We needed a reliable unit for when we had to inflate our tyres after a run along a beach or a serious hill-climb after having deflated them for better floatation on soft ground or for more grip on rocky terrain.

Tired of the slow inflation times of small retail store “toys“ or even well known and well made small units we often tried to negotiate an obstacle with hard tyres simply because of the hassle and time involved in re-inflating our tyres.
We were running our original unit for many years using a second hand automotive compressor powered by an old starter motor.   The units were mounted side by side and utilized a vee-belt and pulley on the motor to drive the compressor.It was very efficient (if not elegant) and reliable for all the years we used it.  

We have redesigned the unit around a heavy-duty Industrial Motor using a similar converted automotive air-conditioning compressor.   We have directly coupled them, making the new unit both compact and safe for little hands with NO exposed revolving parts!  

The current compressor is the result of intense development, refining and testing and we are very happy with the results.

The unit is designed, manufactured and tested by me personally in Australia using components that I manufacture along with high quality imported parts.

We comply with all the requirements to be registered with the “Australian Made“ Campaign.